Henrik Liltorp
Knudsvej 3 01. 4
7400 Herning


Personal Qualifications

I am a young man bachelor’s degree from the education “International Communication & Multimedia (ICM)”. I have knowledge about and experience with communication and media. I have broad experience in web design and have begun specializing in SEO. In general working with IT interests me very much because I like to see who a project develops and improves. Beside that I will like to work with language and I am open to learning a new language in connection with my work.
I speak English on a negotiation level because my entire education was in English. During my semester abroad, I had an Australian as a roommate, I’ve been used to speaking a lot of English in my spare time too.

Work Experience

  • 2021 at Ans Rejser (web design, newsletters and graphic design)
  • 2020-21 at Dolphin Hotel Herning (web design and graphic design)
  • 2020 at Dolphin Hotel Herning (web design and photoshop)
  • 2018 – 2019 at Rudis Catering – (web design, photoshop and photography)
  • 2018 – 2019 at Dirty Ranch Steakhouse (part of Rudis Catering now) – (web design, photoshop and photography)
  • 2017 at LeadScoreApp – (SEO, web design, and newsletters)
  • 2017 at Dirty Ranch Steakhouse – (Web design, copywriting, and photoshop)
  • 2017 at Dirty Ranch Steakhouse – (Web design, copywriting, and SEO)
  • 2016 – 1017 at Dirty Ranch Steakhouse – (Web design, SEO, and copywriting)
  • 2015 at Lind Skole – (IT-support)
  • 2015 at Innosites – (WordPress, web design, and SEO)
  • 2014 at Nautic Surf og Ski A/S – (Web design, LinkedIn, and photoshop)
  • 2014 at Kifa Plast A/S – (Web design, translation, and photoshop)
  • 2013 at Canon, Partner Herning A/S – (Branding, photography, and translation)
  • 2005 – 2006 at Roslev Trælasthandel A/S, Skive

Vocational Skills

  • Avanceret fotografering
  • Branding
  • Filmredigering (Adobe Premiere Pro)
  • Forbruger købsadfærd
  • Marketingsstrategier (7 P’er)
  • Nyhedsbreve
  • Oversættelse
  • PR
  • Reklamestrategier
  • Sociale medier
  • Tekstforfatning
  • Udarbejdelse af PowerPoint præsentationer

Personal Qualifications

  • Loyal
  • Detail oriented
  • Friendly
  • Social
  • Determined

IT Qualifications

  • Adobe Creative Suite (CS6) – (Expert)
  • CMS – (Intermediate)
  • CSS3 – (Expert)
  • Daily use of Internet & Social media
  • Ecommerce & Commerce – (Intermediate)
  • HTML5 & XHTML – (Expert)
  • IT-Support – (Beginner)
  • MailChimp – (Beginner)
  • Microsoft Dynamic NAV – (Beginner)
  • Microsoft Office Enterprise – (Expert)
  • PHP7 – (Intermediate)
  • SEO – (Advanced)
  • SQL & MySQL – (Intermediate)
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1 & 10 – (Expert)
  • WordPress – (Intermediate)


  • Danish – fluent
  • English – fluent
  • Italian – for travel purposes
  • German – for travel purposes


2009-2013 Aarhus School of Business – Herning
Bachelor education “International Communication & Multimedia (ICM)”.
All education in Engelish, had marketing, culture, communication and media based courses.
Bachelor degree written the course “Branding Communication”.

2005-2008 Skive Teknisk Gymnasium
Higher Technical Exam (HTX) with Mathematics and Chemistry as primary courses.

2004-2005 Taarupgaard Ungdomskostskole
10th grade at a nature and activity boarding school.

Study Abroad

2011 Exchange Student
A semester in Italy at the university Carlo Cattaneo LIUC.
Studied economy and history.


2021 Ans Rejser
Head of Technical Department
Tasks: Graphic design. Optimization of websites, SEO, photo editing, newsletters, IT-support.
Reference Jan Vermø & Ole Kragelund


2020-21 Dolphin Hotel Herning
Web designer/ Graphic designer
Tasks: Graphic design. Optimization of websites, SEO, and photo editing.
Reference Jan Vermø


2020 Dolphin Hotel Herning
Web designer/ graphic designer
Tasks: Creating website for Dolphin Diva. Designing fliers. Optimization of websites, SEO, and photo editing.
Reference Jan Vermø

2018-19 Rudis Catering APS (Dirty Ranch Steakhouse)
Web designer/ graphic designer
Tasks: Working with online part of relaunch of restaurant at new location, designing menus and maintaning them, designing fliers and to do lists. Optimization of websites, SEO, photography and photo editing.
Reference Rudi Eriksen & Kamilla F. Olsen

2017 LeadScoreApp
Web Designer

Tasks: Write Newsletters, create new users in LeadScoreApp, optimization and proof reading and translation on LeadScore’s website, redesign and SEO on Herning Akupunkturklinik, redesign and SEO on
Reference Brian Kristiansen (2179 1600)

2017 Dirty Ranch Steakhouse
Web designer
Tasks: Creating new website; with online shop selling the restaurant interior, photography and research on products for cataloguing.
Reference Rudi Eriksen

2016-17 Dirty Ranch Steakhouse
Web designer mm.
Tasks: Optimizing of Dirty Ranch‘s website, web design of web shop for Dirty Ranch, photography and photo editing for website and web shop, creation of (magazine), creation of 8 other new websites with different purposes, copywrite for magazine and products.
Reference Lars Eriksen (51913000)

2015  13 Lind Skole
IT Supporter mm.
Tasks: Formatting of PC’s, replacing keyboards on student computers, IT support for the library computer system, general clean-up of the IT department.

2015 Innosites
Webdesigner (WordPress)
Tasks: web design of Herning Kajakklub &, redesign of MGM-Pillefyr &, optimizing and SEO of Slanke+ & Innohow, optimizing of
Reference Flemming Møller (2689 3300).

2014 Nautic Surf og Ski A/S
Tasks: web design of website for kitesurfing course, creation and optimization of 2 LinkedIn company pages, maintenance on the company’s website: Nautic, creation of a Sizechart. Photo editing.
Reference Frederik Kühl.

2014 Kifa Plast A/S
Tasks: web design of website in 3 languages via HTML & CSS, design of web shop via ” Webshop 2” in 2 languages, product photography.
Reference Finn Linnemann Pedersen.

2013 Canon Business Center Midt- & Nordjylland, Partner Herning A/S
Tasks: branding strategy, photography and photo editing, optimizing LinkedIn company page, translation, proof reading, website optimizing.
References Martin Pyndt & Kirstine Olsen.


2011 TV2 Midt-Vest Holstebro
2 weeks course with filming and film editing using Adobe Premiere Pro, as part of a semester project.

2008-2009 VUC Skive – Viborg
Adult education: Studied German B-niveau to be able to meet requirements for university.


I like to cook and experiment with new dishes. Also, I like to use my computer e.g. working on my personal website, editing photos in Adobe Photoshop CS or write articles which I then post on my site. When I’m outside I enjoy nature and often travels with my mirror image camera both in my own region but especially when I go on trips. I am very fond of animals.

Earlier in my life I was active in competitive swimming. Additionally, I have played football, darts and table tennis. Something else I enjoy very much is cooking and I like to experiment with inspiration from cooking shows on TV.



When I was at boarding school and during my study abroad it was me in both cases that kept tidy. I have humour, but I am also thoughtful. Loyalty and kindness is important concepts for me, which my few but close friends that is scattered across the world all know. Additionally, I like to look at things from untraditional angles and in that way get innovative ideas.


My recommendations can in Danish be seen on the page: Anbefalinger.

My diplomas can be seen on the page: Eksamensbeviser.

My final bachelor assignment from 6. semester university.

My image portfolio from 6. semester university.